A nod to Jersey

Not a recipe this time but this is a blog so I wanted to take the chance to celebrate some of the great food spots we (the family) found while in Jersey.

First up Faulkner Fisheries with their Restaurant and fishshop based out of a WWII bunker “Vivier” at L’Etacq. The location is breathtaking and while the restaurant is no more than a series of picnic benches scattered around, I can’t think of a better setting to enjoy fresh seafood. My wife Katie was unable to resist the half lobster and I opted for Octopus special.

While the presentation will never win any awards, food that tasty has no need to be prettied up. Drenched in a herby garlic butter and finished on the BBQ the Octopus was amply accompanied by the salad and bread & butter. Logistics meant we never got to buy any fish to cook at home but seeing their selection at the fish market in St Helier it was definitely our loss.

Next highlight was La Belle Gourmande in St Aubin. A great little high end deli that was busy with locals. With meats and cheeses imported from France I great fun picking out treats for picnic and cheese board. After a taste of a smoked Corsican Coppa, I had to run out the shop to share a piece with Katie. A saussicon and some cheeses both goats milk and cows rounded out the selection. The goats cheese came as a tiny round but packed some serious wallop. It’s probably a mercy it didn’t last long enough to stink out the apartment.

Bouley Bay, Home of Mad Mary’s beach cafe

Last shout out goes to Mad Mary’s of Bouley Bay. With a reputation for great crab sandwiches and her Bouley burger I am glad I followed my heart and went for the burger. I’m glad I avoided the crushing plate envy I’d have felt if I’d have sat with crab sandwich watching Katie dive into such an epic burger.

This beast had two slim beef patties loaded into a soft white bun with garlic mayo, rocket, bacon and a heap of cheese. She loads the patties with grated cheese while they’re on the grill. The result is the run off goes crispy and your Bouley burger surprises you with nuggets of wonderfully crispy cheesey goodness. This is something I’m going to absolutely steal take inspiration from and use at a later date.

I would easily recommend Jersey as a great place to tour about with good food never hard to find. There were many other great spots but these 3 stood out.

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