It starts…

I’m fortunate to work in an industry I love. I’ve been a chef in various roles in all sorts of areas high and low rent. I spend more time thinking of food than I should. This is a place for me to share my knowledge and some of my own recipes as I continue to learn.

I love to cook for people that enjoy good food. Luckily for me that role is well filled by my family and friends. I, like many out there am looking to adopt more of a flexitarian diet, though that doesn’t mean I won’t be cooking with some beautiful cuts of meat.

Be warned I love a lot of process and faff in my cooking. I will happily disappear into the kitchen for an entire day to make every part of a dish from scratch. However most of my recipes can be largely prepped ahead or use slow cooking,brining and marinades to deliver as much flavour for not too much effort.

I’m newly a father to James and will share as I learn to make food without adding salt.

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